Uprated Head Gasket Set Triumph TR2-4A, Morgan +4

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Uprated head gasket set for Triumph TR3 (high port head), TR3A, TR4 and TR4A.

Particularly suitable for if you have a modified cylinder head or bigger pistons than standard.

Suitable for any derivative fitted with the high port TR 4 cylinder engine – Peerless, Warwick, Swallow Doretti, Italia and Morgan +4.

For low port vehicles, please order 2 x 106937 inlet/exhaust gaskets and discard the supplied high port items.

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Set contents as follows:

1 x 89mm composite head gasket (will also work on 87mm)

1 x Rocker cover gasket

2 x Thermostat gasket.

1 x Distributor pedestal gasket.

1 x Water pump housing to block gasket.

2 x Inlet/exhaust manifold gaskets.

4 x Carburettor to inlet manifold gasket.

1 x TR3/4 exhaust downpipe gasket.

1 x TR4A exhaust downpipe gasket.

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