Uprated Valve Spring Set Triumph TR5 PI, TR250, TR6 and TR6 PI

£40.00 ex VAT

(£48.00 inc UK VAT)

Mildly uprated valve spring set to suit most Triumph six cylinder engines.

Ideal for use with any of the original factory camshafts and suitable for fast road profiles such as our own 2TY and 2TR profiles.

Can be fitted to Triumph 2000, 2500, 2.5PI, GT6, Vitesse, TVR2500 etc etc.

NOTE: these springs fit the original inlet and exhaust caps, but do not use any lower washers or spacers, ie install directly to the head to achieve the correct fitted length.

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High quality, British made components – as used “in-house” on the majority of our customer engine builds.