Uprated 89mm Composite Cylinder Head Gasket Triumph TR2-4A, Morgan +4.

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Composite head gasket for Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4, TR4A, Peerless, Warwick, Swallow Doretti, Italia and Morgan + 4.

Also available as a full gasket set under part number GEG178COMP-89.

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Accommodates up to 89mm bore size – to view our 89mm piston and liner kit, please click here

Shaped to allow some de-shrouding around the inlet valve area – please see photos. The final image compares the 89mm composite gasket to the stock item illustrating how much gasket “overhang” can occur with a modified cylinder head. This gasket protrusion into the combustion chamber can lead to pre-ignition and head gasket failure.

The currently available new castings (in iron and aluminium) have the de-shrouding as standard, so these gaskets are perfect for that application too, whether modified or not.

Full race modified heads with fully de-shrouded inlet valve will require our solid copper gasket alternative, please click here for details

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