Brake Caliper RH Triumph TR4/5/6

£75.00 ex VAT

(£90.00 inc UK VAT)

Replacement RH caliper for later TR4, TR4, TR5 PI, TR250, TR6 and TR6 PI.

IMPERIAL threads.

Brand New – outright purchase, no exchange required.

Other applications include Triumph GT6 MK1/2, 2ltr Vitesse, Austin Healey BJ8 and MG C.

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This replacement caliper has imperial threads and will fit all TR4-6 fitted with the 209327 (10.8125″) brake discs.

Will fit later TR6 models too, but will require BTB610 mounting bolts and imperial thread link pipes.

Earlier TR4 and TR3/3A models fitted with 203189 (11″) disc use a different caliper (205395 / 205396 TR3 type calipers)

Use BTB610KIT mounting bolt kit and GRPFK1OE pad fitting kit.

Mintex Classic Pads are the perfect road pad for this caliper.

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