Front Spring Insulator Set of 2. SUPERFLEX Triumph TR2-6.

£20.00 ex VAT

(£24.00 inc UK VAT)

Superior polyurethane FRONT spring insulator collars for TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4, TR4A, TR5 PI, TR250, TR6 and TR6 PI.

These bushes are fantastic quality and improve the feel of the vehicle without affecting Noise, Vibration or Harshness (NVH)

Other than the additional initial outlay compared to rubber, there are literally no downsides to fitting these items.


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Genuine SuperFlex, made in England.

Each set contains two collars.

TR2-4 two sets per vehicle required if fitted with the longer springs or three sets per vehicle if fitted with 107682 front spring spacers.

TR4A-6 two sets per vehicle required.