Lightweight Steel Flywheel Assembly TR2-4A, Morgan +4 etc

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Lightweight steel flywheel assembly 4 cyl TR engine applications.

Improves throttle response enormously, without unduly affecting tick over.

Approx 5.5kg

Requires diaphragm clutch to be fitted.

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Assembled and ready to fit, this kit comprises of:

1 x steel flywheel.

1 x ring gear.

6 x ring gear retaining bolts.

6 x clutch retaining bolts.

6 x spring washers.

3 x clutch dowels.

4 x flywheel to crankshaft bolts.

Perfect way to convert earlier models to the superior diaphragm type clutch – click here for details.

To purchase the flywheel alone, please click here.

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Weight 5.750 kg