Extended Handbrake Levers Triumph TR4A-6 – PAIR

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Pair of extended handbrake levers for Triumph TR4A IRS, TR5 PI, TR250, TR6 and TR6 PI.


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If you own a TR4A IRS, TR5 PI, TR250, or TR6, you have probably noticed that the parking brake does not always securely hold the car – even if you pull as hard as you can. To fix this, around 1975 (on US bound TR6’s only) Triumph added an extension to the existing handbrake levers making the parking brake much more effective by increasing the force applied by the handbrake.

These extended levers give the same extra leverage and are perhaps a “no brainer” when replacing the wheel cylinders on your IRS TR.

Cut from structural steel and nickel plated for corrosion resistance, these levers are the easy, affordable way to make your Triumph safer. Installation is identical to the original levers and significantly improves the parking brake’s effectiveness. They are sold as a pair and should only ever be fitted as a pair.

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