Cam Bearing Set TR5/6

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Camshaft bearings for most six cylinder Triumph engines.

Perfect upgrade or can be used to re-claim a worn block.

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Suitable for Triumph TR5 PI, TR250, TR6, TR6 PI, 2000, 2500, 2.5PI, GT6, Vitesse, TVR2500 etc

Originally, the camshaft ran directly in the block without any replaceable bearings. This meant that the cam journal housings could wear as much as the journals themselves. Merely fitting a new camshaft will not necessarily return the original tolerances.

For initial installation, the block needs to be line bored, but once fitted, the original tolerances are restored and the bearings can be replaced easily the next time the engine is re-built.

We can get your block machined if required – give us a call to discuss 01623 793807 or email us


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